Stream of light

I might have stuffed myself into the dark, This turmoil of travel through the rough road of pitholes, I know there is a light at the end of every tunnel. I know there is hope and redemption down the road, No matter where my story takes, I know there will be a happy ending



These days what I'm more concerned with is not to filter what I hear, Rather What I am projecting in the mindset of other, "I am what you are to me " is to say Reflection of you via me. If you are jolly and free like a bird, I 'd unfold myself like a [...]

Being Wanderer

You are the last missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle; So dont bother fitting in, When world has so much place to bestow your fate. Look out for the place you belong for the cosmos is surreal right in front of your eyes.


When being vocal is being perceived as loud, I'd definately choose to roar at your face. So loud to numb your brain, Deaf to the twin ears, Eyes that will bleed your pain. And mouth that will clamp shut; To further any say. The story of hatred, Shall be always the same I won't stop [...]


Life is bare minimum to celebrate pity party everyday; And before you are sailing yourself off the shore, Darling Make sure your world knows the true story! For they say, Some pray , Some listen; And some are just curious, And the world is such even your story demands appeal to empath with your situation.. [...]

Depth of Dismay

We have been there at so many point of our life

My Wonder World

She was brutally honest with her words.
For the naked truth that had been buried so long,
There was a dark mystery of a dense obaque;
The grueling mouths set amid ulterior motives.

Blunt expressions was all she could not endure;
She felt like she was walking around in a daze,
Stringing together with everyday trivialities;
Conceded yet bigotry persevered to thrive.

She rose to break the chain of prolonged fanaticism,
She had enough of the false blame and criticism;
Facades of disinterest had deep infuriated her way before,
Indeed she was surprised at mound of the great allegations.

How statements were tactfully embellished;
What she quote was meticulously manifested.
How the truth had been turned and tweaked ;
Words of war that shall never be relinquished.

Where the accusation had already taken presedence.
Ignorant demeanour shouted the loudest than the words

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Familia ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ

For us mother and father that we all share; They are the closest sun and the moon, Far apart yet in their very vividness; You seem busy collecting perishing stars; But remember when they will be gone, Those stars have no way to give you warmth. Keeping an account of your every penny; You did [...]