As I find myself across the flowers that are vigorous in its own place;  stemmed to its very roots down beneath the earth, amid thoughts often run into my mind that what a dreadful life flower lives during the whole time it has its beauty.

For a journey of a flower is no less than a life-circus of a human. When a human as an infant always needs to have that inbuilt stamina to pass that very beginning stage of life against the flu or influenza to head-start a journey afterward. Same applies to a bud, a fragile and a tiny plant that has to cope the dreadful adventure of nature; sore rainfall or the strong wind or it could be even those perky birds from whom these tender sprouts have to stay unnoticed. The lucky ones bloom only after surpassing all of these hurdles. Like a true damn warrior who rises up only after finishing all of his rebellions.I’ve always taken it as an unfortunate for having a flower being plucked up out from its origin and being it used for many human events. The beauty of its glory seizes to end up all at one when it is detached. The use of flower for holy purpose or for good events is popular in almost all the societies regardless of the religion, community or country. Well if there is a beginning of new life among humans, then it is best wished with a bunch of flowers.Be it a marriage, birthdays or funerals, flowers always have been the best approach to express the corresponding feelings. It is indeed, a symbol of generating gratitude, well-being, and prosperity.



Death has simply glorified my presence


Breaking Through


1:45 am, in the midst of the jungle, Ranu is all lost and left alone, She is trying as best as possible , for not to get caught from the fierce full beats, humans. She is afraid and damn scared. With the poisonous cobras crawling around and the howling of the wild boars in the tropical forest, she is more afraid that she would be caught. All she could she is the light of the burning flames and the sound of the shoes walking along the way to the forest.

“Ranu, Run! Run!my daughter, ranu run!!” mother cries.

A gunshot is heard in the air.

Poor Ranu before she could do anything. A sharp light fell straight into her dark lazuli eyes. A bunch of humans shapes in front of her eyes. And she realized her hope of survival is all now dead.

“Sickening City of dreams”

“Well, I would again like to inform you this entire time you work with us is the learning period of internship where you will perform on-the job duties associated with hospitality and house keeping?” said the Chinese presenter.

“Umm.. a question is there any promotion in this position in the long term?” asked one Indonesian girl from the front desk.

The hall that had been recently moved with from Townhall to Wynyard, was fully equipped with chairs and desk.Apparently, it looked much more like a class than the meeting hall in early location.

“Definitely, there are other departments where you can move if you work better with room attendant. You could be a supervisor, or you can move to a mini bar or a house man.”replied to the question.

Baffled and suffocated, she was waiting for the time when the class will finish and leave the room as early as she could. The repetitive message alearts of the agency had made a compulsory participation of the workers and it was only after the call she reluctantly voluntered to show up in the class.


On the land of blood and flesh
Humans slaughtered like young veal
Carcass of  the remainings
huntings and hidings
onto the burrow of red muds
over the shadows of bare trees

Its the battle for conquering
For the fall of everything
Pride to gloat over something
A reason you got to rejoice and cheer
But with whom you’d share and care

A ground zero you’re already at
What’s more that could possibly be
Which side you have leaned on
How far it would shade you


No i did not anticipate anything to have
I always tried my best to gave
If my pot was half empty or full
I never realised the world could me so cruel
That i never could attempt to have anything save

My dreams my hopes my choices my aims
Were bullied and burried ,and some even burnt alive
I never could forsee that it would be an end
That my wings were cut off all by me

Now that numbness stays with me to heal
But there’s a loneliness that always try me to kill
Incaged or imprisoned that im chocking
Everything is unaware of what is really happeening.



It’s been four years that I left my country into this land of dreams.USA, as to pursue my high education degree. The vivid picture of my native people still comes crystal clear in my mind. I can’t resist these nostalgic feelings overwhelming my heart every moment of this busy life. To know the meaning of the term “neighborhood” , one doesn’t need to Google on net or refer the dictionary. There are many things which one learns from the contextualization. Indeed. The literal meaning of the term “neighborhood”, according to Oxford dictionary is “a number of persons living near one another in a particular locality”. Man, being social by nature needs everyone, near and there, for the shake of security, prosperity and harmony. The feeling of neighborhood is tied up with every human rights and duties.
I was born in an old house, a typical replica of ancient newari house, attached with other two houses in either side. From the day I started speaking, I recognized these two houses as my neighboring houses, the ones with whom I need to share the rest of surroundings, walking pathways, corridors and the likes. Mr. Ramman Prajapati, to the left of my house, was closed to our family. What a neighbor should be, I got the true meaning out from him. I still remember when he allowed his bare land for use when we had to carry our funeral grandfather’s funeral program. He, very generously grant us that land for that day. I can never forget how he encouraged my father to send me abroad for the study.neighborhood is born between the unknown people when there is the existence of mutual “give and take” relation. It is an obvious when people turn into neighbors for one another because they share a common living and a common surrounding as a whole.

Back to my hometown, I remember there used to be Mr.Hari Kafle to the right of my house. I never liked being his neighbor. In fact, I used to wish that he would leave the locality. I don’t remember how I complete my study along with those piercing noise that used to come from my right-sided-house. My father, along with Mr. Ramman Prajapati, had very often asked him for not to do such rude acts. The only incident I which I couldn’t forget is that when he refused to allow us to use his water during my sister’s marriage. Perhaps he used to be the most mean and cunning person in our locality. My father along with other had tried a lot to improve such behavior. It was when he lost his wife in a bus accident and we, being the neighbors, were all around him to surpass his difficult time. That was the moment when he asked forgiveness from all of others for his wrong acts.
Neighborhood is the relationship that is born irrespective of the blood-relation.one cannot refer his relatives in every urgent situation, but there would be always those helping hands in the form of neighbors who readily show their concern in our every little matter. There is a very right saying in Nepali” chemiki ko garma salko lagnu vaneko afno garma aago lagnu ho ”i.e. the trouble in neighbors’ home is our own trouble too. A good neighbor is the one who serves his selfless help to his neighbor. A neighboring feeling that is received from neighborhood is warmth in itself- a step towards humanity. When one is willing to share with and help to other human being without any blood relationship, it is the neighborhood. It is the same proximity approach that helps to create “we-feeling “bond among each other. One thing is certain that when a man is turned down by all of his rear and dear ones, it is that neighbor who would be always there to comfort and wow him/her. It is an evidence that how an eloped couple, a helpless person set their new world when there’s nobody around them, but their surrounding-sharers.
“We-feeling” and “give and take” is what neighborhood is concerned with. A sound neighborhood marks the well-being of the community, society and the nation as a whole. The mutuality that exists despite of the natural human instincts like jealousy, pride, rigidity, selfishness, etc march the rest of the community towards the progress. If one can understand the importance of neighborhood ,its is a boon for one’s overall personal development.