Your Gaurdian Angels

A bit of luck that you keep a dream catcher A roof to be felt secured A curtain to hide underneath cocoon when you want And loopwholes to have some space for yourself...

Freedom Fighter

I am not here to survive with constant approval and intervention of anyone about what I wear and how I carry myself. I am happy to lend the key of my life if you equally respect the independence that I was born with. I won't interrogate about your perspectives nor I will object your choices.... Continue Reading →

In equation

The adherence to show that you're  connected with anyone is that you share an equal quotient of love,respect ,care and mutuality in any relationship.

Three Odds

R‚Äčesponsibilty--If you owe it you do it ,No ones here to collect your shit everyday and noones here to snatch it right from your hand!! Relations--You make it and show it,You dont ruin it with the words of swords in everyday chores. Maturity--knows no bar of age,Yo grow up well enough to show least courtesy... Continue Reading →

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