Religion to follow or believe?

There are mainly four religions that have been dominating the entire population on this Earth. They are:
Christinism,Islam, Buddhism and Hindu. Being born in South-Eastern asian country,third world, Nepal was declared as the hindu country in the world by the then late King Birendra ,I was brought up assuming that Im a hindu. And again after the fall of monarchy in the country ,Nepal was declared as the secular state. Different indigenous groups from all over the country rose up demanding positive discrimination for every government posts and vacancies. Me, being a typical newari girl of Kathmandu from the Jyapu community, my religion was changed from Hindu to Buddhist. The trials of arguments and discussions among the scholars, different associations of indigenous groups, societies and cultural experts concluded that those (among the newars) who perform all the tasks and rituals from the life of birth to death through the hands of Bajracharya (Shakya) would be declared as Buddhist. Thats how i got my religion changed .

Typical Newari girls of Kathmandu

There was a time when I used to wonder which religion I am particularly belonged to. I used to ask my mother ” What are we ? ”
And she promptly used to say ” We are Hindu .” From the primary level of schooling it was like injected that “Nepal is a hindu country and 80% of the population are hindu .” But yet when I with my mother used to visit Swayambhu,the only example of the temple where the hindu goddess and lord Buddha resides same territory, and my mother also used to take me the hindu temple first and then the residing gumbas there. One should not forget that the whole stupa of Swayambhu (chaitya in nepali). I used to observe the way goddess is worshipped in hindu style. With copper plates full of red and yellow powder, fresh flowers, eggs, few spoons of rice, a pot of water, and so on. They were all offered to her. I remember that idol statue of goddess all covered her face by those red and yellpe powders ,flowers and garlands . It almost used to make me think how the excat statue of goddess without all those accessories that were offered by pilgrims. After paying homage to goddes, I used to blindy follow my mother, with her hands full of grains that she sprinkles over the tiny stuppas and other small temples there.


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