As I find myself across the flowers that are vigorous in its own place;  stemmed to its very roots down beneath the earth, amid thoughts often run into my mind that what a dreadful life flower lives during the whole time it has its beauty.

For a journey of a flower is no less than a life-circus of a human. When a human as an infant always needs to have that inbuilt stamina to pass that very beginning stage of life against the flu or influenza to head-start a journey afterward. Same applies to a bud, a fragile and a tiny plant that has to cope the dreadful adventure of nature; sore rainfall or the strong wind or it could be even those perky birds from whom these tender sprouts have to stay unnoticed. The lucky ones bloom only after surpassing all of these hurdles. Like a true damn warrior who rises up only after finishing all of his rebellions.I’ve always taken it as an unfortunate for having a flower being plucked up out from its origin and being it used for many human events. The beauty of its glory seizes to end up all at one when it is detached. The use of flower for holy purpose or for good events is popular in almost all the societies regardless of the religion, community or country. Well if there is a beginning of new life among humans, then it is best wished with a bunch of flowers.Be it a marriage, birthdays or funerals, flowers always have been the best approach to express the corresponding feelings. It is indeed, a symbol of generating gratitude, well-being, and prosperity.

Death has simply glorified my presence

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