Calls for Harvey Weinstein

I had not been so keen on the Hollywood scandals and tabloid news even though I do admit I have been always been fond of Western dramas, Tv series. I am not sure it’s the Asian culture where I’m actually from, that I tend to forget the real names of actors and actresses too early right after the screen goes in front my eyes.

harmanThanks to the heightened use of social media that finally I can catch myself with quite a handful of some favorite actors. Anyways, while scrolling down through my news feed, I guess this has been more than a week that news about Harvey Weinstein seems not to disappear.

Well with the never-ending names being added to the list of Weinstein from late 80’s this old lad appeared to be quite a hit in his young days all by the virtue of power and positions.  What really surprised me this early morning was the response by The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik .

Screenshot (41)


Well to be honest what this actress seems totally unaware of these monsters is. It is not with your face that they look on you into neither the dress that you wear.In fact, it is the pure intention of this culprit that your inner conscience should be aware of before pointing out to not a single but a dozen of the victims that are coming forward

Apparently, Mayim thinks Hollywood is only the world where rapes occur. Well, I definitely suggest taking a tour to some south Asian countries such as  India where girls even don’t expose an inch of their skin andThey still get raped.
Rape should be taken solely as a crime and while you judge it as a crime please refrain the plaintiff and defendant away from their profession.

mayimYou’re so ignorant to realize that dress code has never been the problems/reasons for rapes happening in the world not even during the prosecutions or even during the mass genocides.
She definitely voted for Trump ðŸ˜‚😂😂

Where the president is Donald Trump, it should be no surprise to celebrities supporting the culprits openly😂

Going through your views I remember BBC broadcasting a rapist from Indian jail who said a girl who was with her boyfriend on the way provoked gangrape to him and his friends by the dress she was wearing.when the girl was in her full-length college uniform



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