Depth of Dismay

She was brutally honest with her words.
For the naked truth that had been buried so long,
There was a dark mystery of a dense obaque;
The grueling mouths set amid ulterior motives.

Blunt expressions was all she could not endure;
She felt like she was walking around in a daze,
Stringing together with everyday trivialities;
Conceded yet bigotry persevered to thrive.

She rose to break the chain of prolonged fanaticism,
She had enough of the false blame and criticism;
Facades of disinterest had deep infuriated her way before,
Indeed she was surprised at mound of the great allegations.

How statements were tactfully embellished;
What she quote was meticulously manifested.
How the truth had been turned and tweaked ;
Words of war that shall never be relinquished.

Where the accusation had already taken presedence.
Ignorant demeanour shouted the loudest than the words
When purpose appeared to be frickled by short errands.
She extricated herself away from such a flock of lambs.

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