Who do you think you are?

You might be the best son/daughter,
You might be avorite brother/sister,
You might be good husband/wife;
Or the fabolous individual on this planet.

But how you are in front me,
What you say to my face,
How you act and behave towards me
Can lead to a big conclusion of who you are to me.

It all takes one action and words to postulate the real demeanour of what you are inside your cave,
Ranting out loud about what you like is always easy,
But to compromise likes of the others is not everyone’s cup of tea.

It dose not take consecutive rounds of catch-ups,
But the very vibes you get on your first meeting,
You know something is off the tune;
Something that is just not right,
Something that sounds way too fishy.

Leaving nothing but to imagine how the other being thrive,
Wondering how person become too naive to notice?
Thinking there are victims everywhere whom you cannot rescue all time.
And deciding you are not going to see that person next time.


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