Dwindling Heart

Never have I ever seen,
People losing the respect right in front of your eyes.
Who looks so lost in the depth of despair,
But couldn’t even foresee what they are up to,
Even failed to realise things circulate preety fast;
Faster than the day and night,
That what you say and think,
Speaks not only about what you are,
But what a possessed humanly demon you are inside.

Because it’s not about two starry eyes;
But the sight you have,
It’s not about circumstances you are in,
But the character you show,
It’s not about the intelligence you carry,
But how insecure you appear,
It’s never about the rules you make,
But what resonates from your presence,
It’s not about the valour you show,
But the vibes others get,
And it’s not the shape that you are in,
But your stance that you’re with.

So be humble of what you’re being served,
For the world knows when you don’t deserve it,
You should rather be adoring it than commanding for nothing.
Your life is not aged-thrown ragged doll in a corner,
You deserve red carpet to be laid for each of your step.
No your soul is not haunted and evil,
It is pure and beautiful that needs to be healed and loved.


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