Modernised sharing

From tongue-tied odd scenes,
To stay stone during situations,
Times when you retaliate,
Moments when you act dead,
You choose to stay blunt or blind,
Not a bird with wings ;
Yet you try to flee.

Oh this human character,
Always awkward and astounding,
They know what they are spilling,
Yet masked them off so well;
Like it’s not upon their shoulder.
To carry the very burden,
That they will rely on you for
Every basics they will need

But they will slam their door,
When comes to play part and role.
They know how to act with the age.
But for the love of comfort and joy,
It’s parralled with their earning wage.

Like we are walking on water and they are drowning.
Like we’re relishing on top of the mountain,
And they are hanging.
Yeah deception comes in different forms!!
make sure you don’t fall for one…


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