Auras around you

And there she was, Disoriented but not distracted. She had been little bit of out of place. That hatred and pang of envy enraged all over their face. Zipped lips sharpened for taunts that she'll be provoked. Like you 've been weighed in the beam balance of how far you can take. Look at the [...]

Words of Acknowledgement

This was not a strange place, but a new place for me. The combustion of city dwellers had been too much for a country girl like me. As if I had been stranded in the middle of nowhere to begin with. I did tremble a lot but yet embarked with that little courage still alive [...]

First Meet

He was breezy in his manner but powerful in his mind. It was a strange, stirring combination that I kept searching into his eyes. With every sip of coffee we wish it would never end. Not to lament about ourselves-we kept it short yet steady with shyness above all. Promising to meet up again at [...]

Through her phone📱

Like the whole world is unfolded when she unlocks her phone. She seeks beauty through her eyes. Anything that nature beholds. Falling easily for aesthetic pleasure. Looping the words into the extravagant metaphors. She spills her thoughts through stories and pictures. Others see her as a storyteller, While she is just fortifying herself with a [...]

Flying across the Malaysian sky… ☁️☁️✈️

2015, January 23, we were about to board for the very flight which would change our entire life for the years to come. The sheer joy of new excitement and hard goodbyes to our families were still clouded while we were waiting for our flight. We had our flight from Air Asia with 80 minutes [...]

Greatness of gratitude

If luck has ever worked my love, I would have never exhibit consistency, Coming this far to the edge of what I once dreamt, I nearly lost a track of believing what my future shall behold, Nearly at the verge of breaking down, I lost of my faith to the people who said they will [...]