Freedom Fighter

I am not here to survive with constant approval and intervention of anyone about what I wear and how I carry myself. I am happy to lend the key of my life if you equally respect the independence that I was born with. I won't interrogate about your perspectives nor I will object your choices.... Continue Reading →


In equation

The adherence to show that you're  connected with anyone is that you share an equal quotient of love,respect ,care and mutuality in any relationship.

Three Odds

R​esponsibilty--If you owe it you do it ,No ones here to collect your shit everyday and noones here to snatch it right from your hand!! Relations--You make it and show it,You dont ruin it with the words of swords in everyday chores. Maturity--knows no bar of age,Yo grow up well enough to show least courtesy... Continue Reading →

Be you

Be Prepared and Armoured for the wolves very often cross your path in sheep's Clothing.... Be ready to sail your ship onto the oceans of high waves and thunder for you will be the lone sailor.... thoughts✍👊

Calls for Harvey Weinstein

I had not been so keen on the Hollywood scandals and tabloid news even though I do admit I have been always been fond of Western dramas, Tv series. I am not sure it's the Asian culture where I'm actually from, that I tend to forget the real names of actors and actresses too early right after... Continue Reading →

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