Art into life

The world is metaphor in itself, you just need to decipher in your own way. And you are the book of empty pages; For you shall plot the story of your own. There are riddles to unlock the doors, ciphers to unravel the mysteries, hyakus to get out of tyrannical maze; and hyperboles to test [...]



To Improvise and correct myself at a times I throw myself into head-heated conversation, I comprehend if I am being detractor for someone Atleast I read a hint of indignant at other person. While I felt like I am giving every ounce of myself, I do delve into the phenomena called reciprocation. Staying intact out [...]

Shades of life

Life is like adding colours to your palatte ; with the shades of happiness and triumph and sometimes sadness and loss. If you are using coats of a single colour, So it will portray a puzzle or a dark blackhole. dull and meaningless with nothing to appeal, You wonder why rainbow is so graceful. So [...]

Into the Chess

The very moment of stillness ceased of what you do, Engulfed by the devoid of feelings ,shallow thought; When being pragmatic is often chastised and loathed, As to casual whining out loud about ominous matters. Unrest continues to suffer for the unprecented amount, Truth is ambushed and hidden for labyrinth of time; And you are [...]


My eyes were blurry ,like I'm loosing my sight; Am I into the thick cloud of fog, or it was layered by frost, I saw myself about to be stranded along the coast. Deep Urge out of blue aprroached to reciprocate; That I should gather the energy and the courage, The very courage to rise [...]