Three Odds

R​esponsibilty--If you owe it you do it ,No ones here to collect your shit everyday and noones here to snatch it right from your hand!! Relations--You make it and show it,You dont ruin it with the words of swords in everyday chores. Maturity--knows no bar of age,Yo grow up well enough to show least courtesy... Continue Reading →


Be you

Be Prepared and Armoured for the wolves very often cross your path in sheep's Clothing.... Be ready to sail your ship onto the oceans of high waves and thunder for you will be the lone sailor.... thoughts✍👊

Calls for Harvey Weinstein

I had not been so keen on the Hollywood scandals and tabloid news even though I do admit I have been always been fond of Western dramas, Tv series. I am not sure it's the Asian culture where I'm actually from, that I tend to forget the real names of actors and actresses too early right after... Continue Reading →

“Sickening City of dreams”

"Well, I would again like to inform you this entire time you work with us is the learning period of internship where you will perform on-the job duties associated with hospitality and house keeping?" said the Chinese presenter. "Umm.. a question is there any promotion in this position in the long term?" asked one Indonesian girl from... Continue Reading →

As I find myself across the flowers that are vigorous in its own place;  stemmed to its very roots down beneath the earth, amid thoughts often run into my mind that what a dreadful life flower lives during the whole time it has its beauty. For a journey of a flower is no less than... Continue Reading →

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