Non conformist

The combustion of trend and fashion is like a wildfire, Do not let it you sound like a typical, Be different ahead of anything that becomes mainstream, You don't owe a reason of why you are you. 'Cause they know but they can't be you. They know you are rebellion And what disgusts you to [...]


Vile nature

If there is any type of people with whom I'm scared to my lifetime, Are those who swing both side like a pendulum, Who acts like traitors despite sharing same roof and bond, Who strongly rejects your foes and friends, And who squash humanity in a brink of a second for the sake of the [...]

Modernised sharing

From tongue-tied odd scenes, To stay stone during situations, Times when you retaliate, Moments when you act dead, You choose to stay blunt or blind, Not a bird with wings ; Yet you try to flee. Oh this human character, Always awkward and astounding, They know what they are spilling, Yet masked them off so [...]

Who do you think you are?

You might be the best son/daughter, You might be avorite brother/sister, You might be good husband/wife; Or the fabolous individual on this planet. But how you are in front me, What you say to my face, How you act and behave towards me Can lead to a big conclusion of who you are to me. [...]

Window to the world

Well I'm a private person of my own peculiar walls, But I do open the window to the outside world, Thrilled how this mundane world accelerates, I applaud for the scenes of gratefulness, And clad it with my curtain for the ferosity I see. There's world running for fierce competition, Where imitating becomes one big [...]

Myth Vs Reality

The power of preety face with fierce, anger and vengeance are praised only in the holy book; Where there were victory of good over bad, And are celebrated by society in the name of festivals, sadness of the society is the same race, Are Mocked,taunted and even raped by the same society . Where flow [...]

Where you belong?

The spirit of the soul, If it is the evil or the angel, Seeks for the company, The company of its own nature, Where it preciously belong, Where it can grow and stem its branch. The law of social norms is such, Even a lonely tree seems abandoned and deserted, As if mourning deep pain [...]