Stream of light

I might have stuffed myself into the dark, This turmoil of travel through the rough road of pitholes, I know there is a light at the end of every tunnel. I know there is hope and redemption down the road, No matter where my story takes, I know there will be a happy ending



When being vocal is being perceived as loud, I'd definately choose to roar at your face. So loud to numb your brain, Deaf to the twin ears, Eyes that will bleed your pain. And mouth that will clamp shut; To further any say. The story of hatred, Shall be always the same I won't stop [...]


To Improvise and correct myself at a times I throw myself into head-heated conversation, I comprehend if I am being detractor for someone Atleast I read a hint of indignant at other person. While I felt like I am giving every ounce of myself, I do delve into the phenomena called reciprocation. Staying intact out [...]

Breaking Through-Chapter 1

  1:45 am, Kashichaur, the one and only bungalow of zamindar Chunilal Singh was ligjhtened in the whole village. Hundred of villagers were gathered in the garden as if a big ceremonial feast was happening. All the villagers afraid and under anxiety were stariing at te centre where zamindar Chunilal was seated in the sofa [...]