On the land of blood and flesh
Humans slaughtered like young veal
Carcass of  the remainings
huntings and hidings
onto the burrow of red muds
over the shadows of bare trees

Its the battle for conquering
For the fall of everything
Pride to gloat over something
A reason you got to rejoice and cheer
But with whom you’d share and care

A ground zero you’re already at
What’s more that could possibly be
Which side you have leaned on
How far it would shade you



And there will come a time
when everything will be fine
We will be staying together
And that is all forever

You’ ll mark my line with the powder of red
Lucky i’ d be to have it on my head
I’ l bow down my head onto your knee
Promising to be wherever you take me

We’ ll do exchange of rings and garlands
Rounds of vows holding each other’s hands
Shower of wishes and blessings upon us
Whole world will be smiling looking at us