Fond Memories

As you grow, how your memories become fond of scares and holes. Times when you took pride above all, And again that twisted time, When you swallowed the same pride; and let yourself laid on the ground, Times when you took stand for fairness, When you witnessed how unjust; That you silenced trying to adjust, [...]


Where you belong?

The spirit of the soul, If it is the evil or the angel, Seeks for the company, The company of its own nature, Where it preciously belong, Where it can grow and stem its branch. The law of social norms is such, Even a lonely tree seems abandoned and deserted, As if mourning deep pain [...]

A pair of joy

The gleaming of light does not make it beautiful, How it looks is the very presence of the night, If only light is adored and nights are loathed, There will be no value of what beauty and the beast hold. Something are better when conjoined together, Just like a struggle and the success, Chess board [...]

Being Ordinary

A hurricane of uncanny thoughts, Swamp of sorrows, Mountain of dreams, Glacier of grief, Yet in the lucidness of light, She collects her vividness She stands tall and green A tree that survived hailstorm Calm and composed, She choose to bloom like a lotus An ecstasy of joy she showers She choose to be just [...]

Testimony of religion

This human made religion has postulated so much of do's /don't for the man and woman and that human themselves had conspiredfor the damage of their own being. It's such a strange to see how the leader rose to preach the religion where despite belonging to hot region of middle east,they preached humans to wear [...]


I felt army in my wrist, Cold chill down my spine, Goosebumps on my skin; To see early as eighteen, the man dying for the nation, That's when circumstances arise; You have no choice but to sacrifice. #respect #nofilter

Being Kumari

Being grown up is when you no longer fantasized of watching kumari, That you resonate with her childhood being taken over by the tradition and that she is treated as not an ordinary girl. You feel like to console for the former deity who once was seated on the same chariot The reason the photographer [...]