Aviation industry at the brink

Of all the industries affected by Covid-19, aviation industry has suffered the most.Hundreds of air buses parked for days and sky has been empty without them...So many people stranded where they are waiting for the planes to fly again to be home and to continue the business...And here Virgin Australia is almost to the brink [...]

Words of Acknowledgement

This was not a strange place, but a new place for me. The combustion of city dwellers had been too much for a country girl like me. As if I had been stranded in the middle of nowhere to begin with. I did tremble a lot but yet embarked with that little courage still alive [...]

Norms of nomadic living

The question is for all those rituals you are performing in the name of religion,are they going to make you sane? If yes, then I'm better off acting obnoxious. The question is for all those who are taking deep into the river of salvation, is it going to secure them place in hevean? If yes, [...]


Just by those shared glances and gags I'm aware what's the intent behind your face. You know that a pang of coolness fades away, Once you caught them with dwelling into duality, About you being judged for every move you make That beauty becomes ugly, That coolness sounds like cowardness. Like always if it's not [...]

Embrace the Change

It is not always about grappling with hardships, your world shifts, but you are always asked or expected to adjust and overcome, to see the world as everyone one does. In retrospect, you will realise whatever happened, happened for a reason and that has indeed build you into bold and beautiful being. Keeping all those [...]