Breaking Through-Chapter-2

6:45 am, the early summer morning. The road was unpitched   with the dusts already flying in the air. Red shawl with pigmented dirt’s on yellow salwar was flying with the engines smoke was traveling with the air. Ranu was back-sited in the jeep with Chunilal’s armed men: harinath, Joginder, Somnath, Kaliya .The jeep was being driven by the bald headed man named Surbir. Ranu’s hands were curled up into the red shawl she was putting.  Ranu had been given a cup of tea in the morning wit the two loaves of breads offered by Harinath. Harinath was frequently shifting his sight from the outside view to Ranu. Ranu in the fear of uncertainty and menace was quite and more afraid than the early night. She didn’t know where her mother and father were, where she was being taken to. The last time she heard was her mother’s dreadful cry to run.

The Bollywood song ranged from the pocket of Harinath. He took the cellphone off from the pocket. A Chinese model with the qwerty keypad, he glanced over the screen and received the call.

“Yes Bhagat”.Harinath paused.

“Tell Malik that we are on the way and it’s safe and all set in front of us.”

It was herself that Ranu noticed. Some sorts of goods were being travelled, Ranu thought.

“How was it yesterday?” Harinath questioned over the phone.

“Damn, I missed it!!” he exclaimed.

“What?” Harinath showed a look of surprise and pity for a moment. The he broke into big laugh.

“Well we will pass along the same way .Who care anyway for the street sits.” Harinath said.

“ok bye.”

Harinath gazed over Ranu. “Ram nam satya hai, ram nam satya hai…” Ranu and all the emn in the jeep witnessed the dead body being carried along the way for the final funeral. It was te dead body of Ramlal.

“May you live long happy life afterdeath Ramlal.” Harinath broke and all the men in jeep laughed. Harilal stayed quite and serious for the moment.A woman dressed in dirts and tears was rolling the down on the ground. Few women were trying to hold her. As the jeep assed by, the woman stand and cried “Ranu don’t go, these monster will kill you, Ranu come out”

She took the stone and threw it over the jeep. The stone banged theright- side miirro of the jeep. Ranu was trembling and cried “aunt mayadevi” the tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“Crazy bitch”. Kaliya said as the stone banged the mirror of the jeep. Mayadevi followed as faras she could and eventually disappeared in the fog of dust.

“How the hell this woman will going to live in the village now??”Jogindar exclaimed. There was a complete silence.

Soon the jeep arrived in Sharda bunglow. Ranu scanned the crowded garden of Jamindar Chunilal. There was a Inspector and few armed men of Chunilal. He was watching from his 3-storyed veranda and he raised his hand over Harinath. There was a dead body of a girl lying on the ground .The body was barely dressed and most of it was torned. Ranu instantly recognized it. It was Geetu.

“So we will resort to the story that the female-servant broke out herself from the 3-storeyed veranda after having drinks during the Jamindar Chunilal”s party in Sharda Bungalow at 11:50 pm” Inspector concluded. Ranu was silent witnessing all the happenings around there.

“Yes Inspector but the true story is the suicide committed at 3:21 am” Bal Singh added with smile.


Down through the hallway, Ranu was taken to another bunglow behind the Sarada Mahal. Ranu was surprised to see that there was an entire new room behind the only bungalow in the village. Her hands were hold by Pratap and Majnu, left and right respectively. Ranu’s hands had almost gone red. But there was nothing she could do. She remained silent during the whole walk. All she noticed were the women, girls in their torn clothes, starring upon her from windows, standing along the way through corridor. They seemed scared, bruised and wounded. And to her sadness, most of them were supposed to study and play at there age. But they were caged in. Caged by the fateful line of poverty, ignorance and cruelty.

Pratap holding a bunch of key for the room where Ranu was being taken .Pratap and Majnu with all hurry were dragging Ranu to walk fast. Harinath, watching this scene was following these three people. They stopped .Pratap was searching a key for the door to unlock. Ranu’s hands were bound with rope. She felt as if she was the prisoner who was going to have the lifetime imprisonment as the punishment.

“Now don’t you dare to break the silence until we are here in your room” Majnu whispered Ranu’s ear. Ranu afraid, looked at Majnu’s eyes. The door had been unlocked. Masks fell wrapping tightly around her neck covering the mouth. Ranu struggled. Its was Pratap’s hands.

“It’s the way you do it man!” Pratap exclaimed.The door was open.

Abruptly she was pushed with great hit she was lying straight on her back over the bed. There was nothing in the room except the bed and a plastic jug with half water. The edge of her yellow salwar had flown below her shoulder when she was pushed suddenly.

Pratap started unzipping his pants and Majnu had already stripped his pants off.

“Boys, this is not a right  time to party, Malik has summoned all of us to attend the meeting in hall.” Harinath standing on the door interrupted.

Majnu was all thumbs and with the look of dismay, pulled on his pants.

“Pratap give me the key, I Need it to load the drug supplies in the store” Pratap unwillingly handed the key. He had no choice other than to hand over it.

“Malik has ordered not touch these girls unless he orders. They are all his properties. I will report straight to him if u guys are caught again with this behavior.”Harinath warned.

Pratap and Majnu grew pale and dark and soon left the room.Furious for being caught with their hands in the cookie jar when they were so much near to have the fun.

Harinath entered the room; he unmasked Ranus’ mouth and the rope that was tied around her hands. Tears were rolling down from her eyes. Their eyes met. The whole room was silent and still.

“How the hell this bastard always gets in whenever we are about to do something blast?” Majnu growled.

“Seriously man, I wondered too how come this yesterdays’ lad became so trusty man of our malik. Look at us we were all same, born here lived here, but this man is controlling us with an iron fist  !” Pratap exclaimed.

Ranu  curled her ands and legs with the thin shawl she was wearing. Harinath had left the room and there she was in the room alone as it was supposed to be when a girl enter Sarada Mahal.

Harinath one of the trusted person of zamindar Chunilal. He was able to gain upper hand among his collequs in Sarada Mahal marking an impression in his malik’s mind.

Breaking Through-Chapter 1

  1:45 am, Kashichaur, the one and only bungalow of zamindar Chunilal Singh was ligjhtened in the whole village. Hundred of villagers were gathered in the garden as if a big ceremonial feast was happening.

All the villagers afraid and under anxiety were stariing at te centre where zamindar Chunilal was seated in the sofa backed up by his armed servants ; Jagya,Bal Singh ,Sher Pratap,Majnu, were all lined up with the bright light of contentment in their eyes

“Well done Ramlal !!, you did much better than what I thought.” Jamindar Chunilal broke. Ramlal was silent, with eyes down on the ground.

“Poor you, I am sorry Ramlal for your daughter Geetu. Had you been able to clear your dept in time, even I am not happy to see this happen to you. Come on, look at my boys.” Jamindar Chunilal continued.

“Well, all my villagers. I’d like to announce that Ramlal has successfully completed our deal and that he is free from the burden of the dept.” Jamindar Chunilal said.

All the villagers starring each other in despair, afraid and helpless. They shared word of whisper with each other. Jamindar Chunilal signaled Pandit Gokulnath for the papers he was holding. Jamindar Chunilal burnt the papers with the lighter he took from Jagya.

“All the villagers clap your hands!!” Bal Singh roared.

“Today once again it has been proved that our great landlord, our Malik is still the man of kindness. By the grace of whom, all of us have been able to live this life. If you are able to please with what you have got in any situation, you will be lucky that you have bestowed your best to him even in your worst.

“Malik ki!!” Pandit Gokulnath shouted. “Jay…” all the villagers said. The Sharda garden turned musical for a moment. Jamindar Chunilal raised hand over the mass to stop. “Ramlal, I’m so overwhelmed for what you gave to me. You kept your promise.” Chunilal checked his Rolex watch, freshly imported .Pandit Gokulnath gave a brief look at the watch his malik was wearing.

“Its already 2:09 morning , my men will leave you home”. Jamindar Chunilal added. He gave a quick glance to Bhagat, the driver of Chunilal. Bhagat accompanied the line with Sher Pratap.

” How many men are left there in the room?”Sher pratap whispered to Bhagat. “I dont Know. I guess 4 or 5. Thank god I’m not the last one this time.” replied Bhagat with cocky smile. “Bhagat.” ” Yes Malik.” “Leave Ramlal to his house.” “Yes malik.” Bhagat came forward. “malik ….” Ramlal knelt his feeton te ground. “Now what?” Jamindar Chunilal questioned with surprise. “My daughter— “ “Oh, Ramlal Geetu will do fine here.She is a brave girl. We will deliver her to you tomorrow “ Chunilal interrupted. “But malik”. Tears rolled down from the eyes. “All the villagers are informed that the meeting is over. Everyone is requested to leave.” Jamindar Chunilal ordered to the gathered mass. “It’s just a part of our deal, Ramlal, isn’t it?’Chunilala lowered is voice to Ramlal. All the villagers were heading to their home. The whole premise was soon tuned by the roaring of the jeep-engines. Ramlal , with his daughter in Sharda bungalow, left for his home.

Breaking Through


1:45 am, in the midst of the jungle, Ranu is all lost and left alone, She is trying as best as possible , for not to get caught from the fierce full beats, humans. She is afraid and damn scared. With the poisonous cobras crawling around and the howling of the wild boars in the tropical forest, she is more afraid that she would be caught. All she could she is the light of the burning flames and the sound of the shoes walking along the way to the forest.

“Ranu, Run! Run!my daughter, ranu run!!” mother cries.

A gunshot is heard in the air.

Poor Ranu before she could do anything. A sharp light fell straight into her dark lazuli eyes. A bunch of humans shapes in front of her eyes. And she realized her hope of survival is all now dead.