I felt army in my wrist, Cold chill down my spine, Goosebumps on my skin; To see early as eighteen, the man dying for the nation, That's when circumstances arise; You have no choice but to sacrifice. #respect #nofilter


Being Kumari

Being grown up is when you no longer fantasized of watching kumari, That you resonate with her childhood being taken over by the tradition and that she is treated as not an ordinary girl. You feel like to console for the former deity who once was seated on the same chariot The reason the photographer [...]


As an adult, you're transforming into, Carry that audacity to appreciate what you have, Not that everyone has a royal story of silver spooning ; Watch your plate before crying out loud And if you're not to acknowledge what you're being fed, If you are squandering yet about your own choice, They won't say you [...]


If it is really the anger into me, that can cease the authority right from your hand, I despise you from the core of my heart, for pulling me into circumstances, Where I choose not to be in; For insisting me to dwell in; Where it was seemingly not needed. Because I loathe this mid-life [...]


When being vocal is being perceived as loud, I'd definately choose to roar at your face. So loud to numb your brain, Deaf to the twin ears, Eyes that will bleed your pain. And mouth that will clamp shut; To further any say. The story of hatred, Shall be always the same I won't stop [...]


Life is bare minimum to celebrate pity party everyday; And before you are sailing yourself off the shore, Darling Make sure your world knows the true story! For they say, Some pray , Some listen; And some are just curious, And the world is such even your story demands appeal to empath with your situation.. [...]

Familia ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ

For us mother and father that we all share; They are the closest sun and the moon, Far apart yet in their very vividness; You seem busy collecting perishing stars; But remember when they will be gone, Those stars have no way to give you warmth. Keeping an account of your every penny; You did [...]