God gave her a power saying"Before you fall asleep Cast an image of a person to know his/her real traits to you, If not an answer but meaning shall be conveyed to you through the dreams you'll see. It's totally up to you my child, how you're going to intepret it. For, eventually the dream [...]


Flying across the Malaysian sky… ☁️☁️✈️

2015, January 23, we were about to board for the very flight which would change our entire life for the years to come. The sheer joy of new excitement and hard goodbyes to our families were still clouded while we were waiting for our flight. We had our flight from Air Asia with 80 minutes [...]

Greatness of gratitude

If luck has ever worked my love, I would have never exhibit consistency, Coming this far to the edge of what I once dreamt, I nearly lost a track of believing what my future shall behold, Nearly at the verge of breaking down, I lost of my faith to the people who said they will [...]

Norms of nomadic living

The question is for all those rituals you are performing in the name of religion,are they going to make you sane? If yes, then I'm better off acting obnoxious. The question is for all those who are taking deep into the river of salvation, is it going to secure them place in hevean? If yes, [...]

Admire your own chutzpah!

You'll conquere this world when you will let go that conflict in your mind. Let that conflict may not control you. It indeed costs you nothing to live life with your own complacency. You're not into this rat race of expensive choice driven by consumerism. You have your own choice and priorities that shall be [...]