“Sickening City of dreams”

"Well, I would again like to inform you this entire time you work with us is the learning period of internship where you will perform on-the job duties associated with hospitality and house keeping?" said the Chinese presenter. "Umm.. a question is there any promotion in this position in the long term?" asked one Indonesian girl from... Continue Reading →


As I find myself across the flowers that are vigorous in its own place;  stemmed to its very roots down beneath the earth, amid thoughts often run into my mind that what a dreadful life flower lives during the whole time it has its beauty. For a journey of a flower is no less than... Continue Reading →


On the land of blood and flesh Humans slaughtered like young veal Carcass of  the remainings huntings and hidings onto the burrow of red muds over the shadows of bare trees Its the battle for conquering For the fall of everything Pride to gloat over something A reason you got to rejoice and cheer But... Continue Reading →


No i did not anticipate anything to have I always tried my best to gave If my pot was half empty or full I never realised the world could me so cruel That i never could attempt to have anything save My dreams my hopes my choices my aims Were bullied and burried ,and some... Continue Reading →


It’s been four years that I left my country into this land of dreams.USA, as to pursue my high education degree. The vivid picture of my native people still comes crystal clear in my mind. I can’t resist these nostalgic feelings overwhelming my heart every moment of this busy life. To know the meaning of... Continue Reading →

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