Not everyone has that valour to carry the vessel of shared feelings when in the relationship. Betrayal is such that They are ones who won't be hessisant to toss the same vessel right in front of the allies. Leaving not only the vessel into pieces; but breaking the whole root of shared bond. Toxic people [...]


The Change

How sane and courageous you are How consious and rightous you think Are you bold enough to take a stand To be the deviant amongst, into this land They shall see you ignorant and insane Yes, you are the catalyst to break the chain A preacher to sermonize equity and peace to rejuvenate sadness into [...]


And the dreams that summons out loud, blocked on the way by the gloomy cloud; They will vanish and they will melt, deep urge to reach the end can be felt. Times when you'll be strikened by thunder, You might seek shades to hide under; But that's not a home to feast and sleep, For [...]


Hold back behind the curtain before the show Lay back unto the cocoon unless you're ready to fly Let your soul meet the inner peace and your mind dwell into the creativity Seclude yourself away from the happenings Let your soul dive into the holy water of salvation And emerge yourself as a pure, gold [...]

The first day of Internship

Well she definitely had expected a lot thinking it will be a big day to turn out. But rather it was depressing. Quite an annoying when it took a while for her HR to set up an email address to operate in the company's local intranet. Moreover, the first day of her internship, least she [...]