Dungeon of Darkness

As a night owl ,I'll lost into the dungeon of darkness, Chasing down the moon into the depth of the wood, Howlings of the wolf that I would barely care, My blindness to the light I will ever share, I will ignite the pursuit of wisdom through my quill, Blaze of glory I shall celebrate [...]


Window to the world

Well I'm a private person of my own peculiar walls, But I do open the window to the outside world, Thrilled how this mundane world accelerates, I applaud for the scenes of gratefulness, And clad it with my curtain for the ferosity I see. There's world running for fierce competition, Where imitating becomes one big [...]

Being Wanderer

You are the last missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle; So dont bother fitting in, When world has so much place to bestow your fate. Look out for the place you belong for the cosmos is surreal right in front of your eyes.


When being vocal is being perceived as loud, I'd definately choose to roar at your face. So loud to numb your brain, Deaf to the twin ears, Eyes that will bleed your pain. And mouth that will clamp shut; To further any say. The story of hatred, Shall be always the same I won't stop [...]


Life is bare minimum to celebrate pity party everyday; And before you are sailing yourself off the shore, Darling Make sure your world knows the true story! For they say, Some pray , Some listen; And some are just curious, And the world is such even your story demands appeal to empath with your situation.. [...]

Lonely Saint

Obstinate determination to stay aloof, Repelling utmost to worldly pleasure, Not a conqueror but a preacher; Yes I've surmised my living by your alms. Singing my own phantom of godliness, An insane freak on your street, I 'l stunned you with my bizarre talk; Riddles are only my amulet to allure the crowd. My search [...]

The Change

How sane and courageous you are How consious and rightous you think Are you bold enough to take a stand To be the deviant amongst, into this land They shall see you ignorant and insane Yes, you are the catalyst to break the chain A preacher to sermonize equity and peace to rejuvenate sadness into [...]