First Meet

He was breezy in his manner but powerful in his mind. It was a strange, stirring combination that I kept searching into his eyes. With every sip of coffee we wish it would never end. Not to lament about ourselves-we kept it short yet steady with shyness above all. Promising to meet up again at [...]

Through her phone📱

Like the whole world is unfolded when she unlocks her phone. She seeks beauty through her eyes. Anything that nature beholds. Falling easily for aesthetic pleasure. Looping the words into the extravagant metaphors. She spills her thoughts through stories and pictures. Others see her as a storyteller, While she is just fortifying herself with a [...]

Being Kumari

Being grown up is when you no longer fantasized of watching kumari, That you resonate with her childhood being taken over by the tradition and that she is treated as not an ordinary girl. You feel like to console for the former deity who once was seated on the same chariot The reason the photographer [...]