Moon like a soul

If she was spotless without any scar, She would have been just another star, You see even moon has not all the brightest nights. Somedays she opens her heart out to win over the darkness, Somedays she exposes a part of her which is glowing And there are days when even she surrenders to the [...]



Ideally speaking, I no more seek approval of my happiness from other. Right when I feel my values seems to collide against the solid rock of reserved judgements, I voluntarily walk out of such people and the scene. It's not only that you are dazed by the trauma to be suffered for following days to [...]

Wind chimes

That constant strike of those tiny metals on these charms,Actually gives you solace in your hurricane heart.And these little perky stuffs my sister,Indeed brings colour in your everyday,They are always still at a spot around you,But they know how to dance making chanting rhythm with the air.

Stream of light

I might have stuffed myself into the dark, This turmoil of travel through the rough road of pitholes, I know there is a light at the end of every tunnel. I know there is hope and redemption down the road, No matter where my story takes, I know there will be a happy ending